Penny Anderson

Penny Anderson is an artist based in Glasgow, making installations, 3D work and sampler style embroidery based on overheard stories and testimonies collected from interviews.


2019 JulyCrow Presents’. Painting text, found objects, hand-sewn text. Advertising poster site (Site to be confirmed, since it is sponsored by a commercial company). Glasgow.
2018 June ‘Scolds’ Bridle/Speakers’ Medal’ assemblage, installation, ready-mades, hand-sewn embroidery. HOMO. Transmission Member’s Exhibition, King St, Glasgow.
2018 May ‘Half Life.’ Cass Art Space, Glasgow. Installation, painted text, machine embroidery
2018 February ‘Artists who do music/Musicians who do art’. Group show. Queen’s Park Railway Club, Glasgow. ‘Into The Groove’ (Hand sewn embroidery) ‘Form A Band’ text.
2018 February. Mudita. Bury Art Museum, installation, hand/machine sewn text, ready-mades, site specific painting, scent.
2017 December. ‘Speech Baubles.’ Solo exhibition. Orkney Library.
2017 November HearHere. Installation: painting, embroidery. New Glasgow Society, Glasgow.
2017 September, ‘From the Street: actions on homelessness’ Group Exhibition, Let Us Stay, as below, installation of ready-mades/embroidery, GOMA. Let Us Stay, homeless tent as below, installation of ready-mades/embroidery.
2017 September ‘Fields of Wheat’, Transmission members’ show ‘May Pandora Open The Box’: hand sewn text, ready-mades.
2017 July: Sma’Shot Festival: Let Us Stay’ (see below) shown at Paisley.
2017 July, ‘Let Us Stay’, Installation, labelled ready-made, text embroidery. Pop-up across Glasgow, (part of Archifringe).
2017 January. ‘Open The Door.’ Solo exhibition. Painting, acrylic, text. Glad Café, 1006A Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow G41 2HG
2016 December. ‘Speech Baubles’ Solo exhibition, Hand-embroidery, ready-mades, textile, Bridgeton Library, Glasgow
2016 Sept-Oct, Rest and its Discontents, group exhibition, The Mile End Art Pavilion, London. ‘Common Villain’ hand sewn embroidery, ready-mades.
2016 August ‘Words of Washerwomen’. Solo exhibition. Installation Glasgow Green’s Drying area and laundry poles. Sewn text banners sharing women’s historic experiences, memory as witnesses to history, association with Glasgow Women’s Library.
2016 June ‘A Camel is a Horse Designed By A Committee’. Group show, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow. ‘Let Me Stay Hang The Man.’ Installation: ready-mades, text embroidery labels and sampler.
2016 May #24HourWindow, King Street, Glasgow. Solo piece curated by Nadfly ‘Let Me Stay’, solo work, sewn labels, ready-mades, found objects.
2016 March Let Me Stay’, Solo Exhibition, mixed media, (using my work to initiate debate on precarity) in association with Social Action& Research Foundation, at Manchester Creative Studio,
2015 August. ‘Total Recall’ Group Exhibition. ‘Our Beautiful Words Are’ Text, Embroidery, painting. Displayed then acquired for permanent collection Bury Art Museum.
2015 Speech Baubles (see below) Xmas, Bury Art Museum.
2015 October, ‘Still Rolling With The Times’, Transmission Gallery Members’ Show. ‘Dadahaha’ installation featuring hand-sewn text embroidery, ready-mades and found objects.
2015 ‘The F******* Word’, Happy Talk, (text embroidery, textile) 11th-12th May, Group Show, The Old Hairdressers Renfield Lane, Glasgow.
2015 ‘Am I Here?’ Interdisciplinary event (performance, sculpture, photomontage) as part of Open House Festival.
2015 ‘No Show.’ Solo Performance. Tramway, Glasgow.
2014/2015 ‘Speech Baubles (Text embroidery/Installation) The Library at GOMA, Glasgow.
2014 ‘Happy Talk’ (Text embroidery) Vision & Values, Transmission Members Show.
2014 ‘Art Makes People’ Text Embroidery, acquired for permanent collection, Bury Art Gallery
2014 ‘Travel Bag’ (embroidered text carpet bag) Bury Text Festival.
2013 Let Me Stay. Solo exhibition. Studio 41, 41 West Graham Street, Glasgow.
2013 Prismism. Transmission Member’s Show ‘I Disappear’ Painted Photomontage
2013: 6x4 Exhibition DJCAD, Dundee group show. ‘WTF’ embroidery. 
2012 Transmission Member Show, Glasgow. ‘A Travel Bag.’
2012 Packing and Mourning: ‘Being Bilbao Bunny’ (painted photomontage) and ‘Travel Bag’ (embroidered text carpet bag) group show, part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, The Mutual, St Jude’s Hotel, Glasgow (Produced and led.)
2011 ‘Bilbao Bunny’ Performance, Park Bilbao.
2011 The Mutual Assembly, Telfer Gallery, Glasgow, group show. ‘Warning.’ Text embroidery
2011 ‘Hard To Say Goodbye’ Diptych text embroidery, Bury International Text Festival, Bury Art Gallery.
2011 ‘Whitelines’ ‘Am I Safe?’ Painted photomontage, group show. Whitespace Gallery Edinburgh
2010 ‘I Believe My Eyes,’ Group show, Guerrilla Gallery, Dundee
2010 ‘I Believe My Eyes’ Central Station showcase/book launch, The Arches, Glasgow,